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Safer Communities: Enhancing Lives For Fulton County and Beyond.

Our Mission

The Fulton County Sheriff Foundation operates as an independent nonprofit entity, fostering alliances to furnish resources and initiatives aiding the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in its peak performance. Our focus extends beyond enforcing law, encompassing the betterment of community well-being. With our mission “Safer Communities: Enhancing Lives,” we commit to elevating both safety and residents’ quality of life in Fulton County. We aim to equip, educate, engage, and empower individuals and families while fostering connections that go beyond geographical boundaries.


Welcome to the Events section on the Fulton County Sheriff’s website, where an assortment of vibrant and engaging gatherings awaits. These events are designed to cultivate unity, empower individuals, and drive transformative change throughout Fulton County.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office – 2nd Annual Back 2 School

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office – 2nd Annual Back 2 School

Celebrating Success and Community Spirit at the 2nd Annual Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Back To School Giveaway! With over 1,200 registrations and incredible sponsor and vendor support, we extend our deepest gratitude. Thank you to all who participated, and to everyone who joined us. Wishing you a fantastic back-to-school season filled with joy and success!

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